In addition to accommodation, what other services are available at Hinoen hotel to make your journey more convenient?


1. 我們提供機場接送服務(付費),並且有最多8位乘客一同乘坐的車子! 如果您有需要小巴士,我們也可以安排唷!

1. We provide airport shuttle service (at an additional cost) with a vehicle that can accommodate up to 8 passengers! If you require a minibus, we can also arrange that!


2. 我們提供包車服務,將有一位司機帶領您到想要去的地方,並再帶您回到飯店! 讓您不再花時間查找如何搭乘公車前往景點!

2. We offer private car rental services with a dedicated driver who will take you to your desired destinations and bring you back to the hotel! No more wasting time figuring out how to take public transportation to attractions!


3. 我們提供伴手禮訂購服務,您可以在櫃台自由領取伴手禮訂購菜單並向櫃檯訂購,省下去名店排隊購買的時間!

3. We offer souvenir ordering services, where you can freely pick up a souvenir ordering menu at the front desk and place your orders, saving you time from queuing at famous shops to purchase souvenirs!


4. 我們的櫃台有各式語言服務,我們的員工會中文、英文、日文、廣東話與韓文,雖然不是每一位員工都會所有語言,但您有機會遇到會使用您國家語言的櫃檯服務人員!

4. Our front desk offers multilingual services. Our staff members are proficient in Chinese, English, Japanese, Cantonese, and Korean. While not every staff member speaks all languages, you have the chance to encounter front desk service personnel who can communicate in your native language!